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How to Diminish Worry and Tap into your Spirit
Ten Keys from The Choice is Mine

By Veronique © 2006

About the Author

Life is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs forming your words, thoughts, and actions that create the reality you live. If you know what is hidden in the subconscious, you will know what is coming;therefore, have the ability to shift any influence that creates worry, lack, illness, and distresses of any kind. Each moment is in your hands to create what you want by shifting the influence of the past. ™ 


Become aware, create your future deliberately, and watch as the miracles unfold. How do you begin to create miracles— through your intuition. Everyone is gifted with intuition. It is part of an unconditional direction finding system, given to every human being at birth to guide them through the journey of life through greater ease, grace, and abundance.


It is our spirit, which operates through our intuition —if we allow it. Our spirit comes through our heart and is part of the whole of who we are as a human. Coming from the heart of all matters, through loving what you do, creates a strong connection to our spirit; thereby, creating unlimited freedom and abundance. We are not separate from our spirit unless we have made the choice to be so through conditional choices that formed conditional beliefs that were stored in our subconscious. From what we store in our subconscious, we form both conscious beliefs and then the reality we live. The intellect and the emotions deal directly with three-dimensional reality that relates to our experiences, the intuition is what we have the ability to call upon through our heart, which links us to the spiritual, fourth dimensional reality. This spiritual reality wants us to remember our birthright of freedom and prosperity that is available to us, easily and naturally, for the single purpose of guiding us in the direction of fate and destiny through the fun of ease, grace, and abundance.


Fate and destiny serve you whether you know it or not. It is every human being’s destiny and fate to be free, to be love, to be joy filled and abundant in what allows the heart and soul of each to sing and live fulfilled. Alas, the evolution of using anything placed in to the mind that was conditional over this unconditional direction-finding system, Your Intuition, has created this natural, empowering and fun gift to be both forgotten, misunderstood, or little used, thus creating different levels of stress, worry and illnesses. 


Be mindful that below is the full version of KEY # 1 Knowing the Pure Ego and abridged versions of the other NINE KEYS. All TEN KEYS taken from the empowering process, The Choice is Mine. The purpose of this inspiring process is to provide tools in the HOW to become aware and to create moment to moment, deliberately. The TEN KEYS are an HOW to create your reality through, ease, grace, and unlimited abundance, in the fun of being you, if you choose.


These distinctive TEN KEYS support you to remember, restore, strengthen, and always enhance —Your Intuition, which allows you… to lead a Day's Journey feeling Centered, Purposeful, and Fulfilled


To receive the complete explanation of all TEN KEYS and the empowering process found in The Choice is Mine, by Veronique contact CCQH.


1. Know the Pure Ego. In this first KEY I wish to introduce how we began to separate ourselves from the purity of who we are, in the totality of who we are. In the beginning the heart, soul, and ego lived in unity within the purity of its birthright —love and the being of such —it began with no reflection outside itself or the love of itself; it wholly and completely existed, in oneness.


The three parts of self-formed the trinity—the pyramid— this triad was also a continuing circle, with no beginning or no end. Together were the heart of self, the soul of self, and the ego of self. The purpose of each part was to work in unity with each other, as they were one. Know that oneness cannot exist without uniting ALL aspects of self, harmoniously. The heart holds the spirit; the spirit guides through intuition. The soul of self holds the desire to be free and guides through the passion and enthusiasm of doing to remain in this purpose. The ego of self provides the foundation for the heart and the soul to unify the intuition and passion/enthusiasm by guiding through what allows the heart, and soul to sing. When the innocence of the ego became altered, through conditional behavior, (first derived from anger, then the long list of fears) the role of the ego began conforming, bending and twisting in to this altered state, confusion of who we are and what we are about, changed from being love and living in a Garden of Eden to…..survival. This is where challenges became a struggle formulating a long list of PROBLEMS and heightened misinterpretations with the attempt to reunite to—love through distorted reasoning!


This change began a spiral of forgetting the simplicity of our birthright — love— and the being of such into creating a legacy of separation through fear. When separate from the whole one does not feel safe. Self then searched to find some safety. Yet, it was now living in separation, from the whole of its parts, (safety can not create in separation) confusion now followed. Confusion of what is love started compounding, then the being of self, as love, through the three parts of self, as they were meant to be used, were lost. Throughout time, we have searched, through the heart (the spirit andfrom the spirit the intuition) and soul (the desire to remain free through the passion/enthusiasm of doing), for a passageway to fully remember loves simplicity and return to our birthright. Through loves simple truth all things are given, somehow deep within our heart and soul we all know this truth, yet, we forgot how to be love when we separated from the pure ego; thereby, separating us in the joy, freedom, and abundance (of allowing the heart and soul to sing) as it was meant to create.


Leavening the pure ego out of this equation —the simplistic truth of love could not be fully remembered; thereby, never fully returning to our birthright. We had pits and pieces along the way, we remembered the heart and its purpose, the soul and its goal to remain free, yet, as we lived through the battle of our ego, altered and bent and twisted in to our enemy, we simply forgot the joy of its purpose. The innocence of its nature, the pure reason for its existence. Understanding this First Key, the pure ego, returns you to a place to begin to enter in to the passageway that can move any human being from living through survival back in to living as one would of lived in the Garden of Eden. This garden has nothing to do with outside appearances it has to do with the inside of you. No more battle, no more separation from the whole of self, one, complete, human being — love. There is a saying, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, what you behold lives inside of you.


Being love requires nothing outside of being love—to prove its existence or validity, it just exists to be whole and complete to be what it is—love. Over time, this wholeness, and purity of what began as a total connection of heart, soul, and ego separated into parts that began taking on different roles. Thus began the journey of the ego being separate from its pure origin. Through conditional behavior, the ego lost its playful and joyful role. Its role of guiding through what allows the heart and soul to sing as well as creating unlimited possibilities through this purity, in unity, and harmoniously with the heart and soul; thereby, HOW to create a heaven on earth was forgotten.


The ego moved from its confident, joy filed state in to what has existed over centuries as a battle within self between which Part of Self was to lead and which to follow, or at times, which was to be totally, suppressed. There are no leaders or followers as to the parts of self, all are one. All intertwine to serve if allowed to remain in the innocence and the freedom to serve the human being as they were meant to serve. Yet, to allow the spirit part of self to fully emerge through ones intuition and wholly serve self —by being the guide — ones will, must will it to be so. Once willed the spirit will guide through ones intuition through the different challenges that life experiences often reflect. For the intuition to be fully and clearly be the guide, one must stop thinking. Thinking of the how, before the intuition guides, uses force stemming from conditional ways, and places the cart before the horse. How do you know you are using the mind before the intuition, life does not create they way that allows your heart and soul to sing—it is that simple. At the same time the two other parts of self, the soul, and ego must be allowed so they can unite with the spirit (heart). United, they allow the spirit part of self to emerge through ones intuition and fully serve self through the different challenges that life experiences often reflect. United, in partnership, cooperation, and allowance —all the parts of self, the heart, soul, and ego serve as they were meant to serve.


Before this partnership can materialize, confusion surrounding the role the ego truly plays requires a deeper understanding. Realize that the ego began taking on a different role simply to conform to how it was defined. Self altered the ego through conditional perceptions. Evolution then moved this original beginning of what was pure into defining the ego in a role that prevents oneness. What is not one with the whole lacks fulfillment. The pure ego, now altered through conditional perceptions, altered its role to conform to dysfunctional fear based ways, the very force that will prevent any human from being all they can be. Thus giving the ego a bad rap, when all the ego was desiring to do was serve in a way that would allow the heart and soul to sing. It did not chose the way, that is the free will choice of the human being, to choose to exist though fear or love. Through that choice, the ego would then follow suite.


Nothing is separate from what is of love; stay in that consciousness and the ego that has been suppressed will reclaim its original birthright. The ego then reunites with the heart and soul, reestablishing its position of guiding through what allows your heart and soul to sing. In oneness, nothing separates itself from love; stay in that openness and the ego that has been censored throughout time will rebirth into the pure ego that is the self that cannot wait to get up in the morning to live what self loves. This occurs no matter outward appearances existing in current situations.


In the pure ego, you do not have to force yourself to live or accept anything that does not allow your heart and soul to sing. The pure ego does not prevent you from being all you can be; it supports it, if allowed to remain innocent. Equally, in the pure ego you do not judge, blame, feel guilt, or shame. You simply love and live what you love. Most talk of the ego as something to suppress, get rid of, or keep under control, these misguided beliefs began a spiral of forgetting the true nature of the ego’s purpose; thereby, altering the ego in to how it is defined today. Altering the ego from its pure state in to what I term, the altered ego, began the creation of life experiences generating through judgment, blame, guilt, or shame which then creates lack, pain, illness and different levels of loses.


In truth, the individual living in the purity of the ego lives only what they love; thereby, creating through an unlimited way to be. The pure ego is the self that cannot wait to get up in the morning to live what you love, no matter your current situation. In the pure ego, you do not have to force yourself to live or accept anything that does not allow you heart and soul to sing. Equally, in the pure ego you do not judge, blame, feel guilt or shame. You simply love. Through this love, your experiences create through greater ease, grace, and unlimited abundance.


2. The Reflection of Self from Others “You are who you are. Watch another and you watch yourself. Love unconditionally the mirror of they that is you, and you have embraced the all of self.” You draw in to your life different players at different times that reflect your true feelings and beliefs. If you react to these performances, you are the reflection of self from others. Our life is not outside ourselves. As harsh as that sounds it is a prevailing truth. “As above, so below” reveals an ancient proverb that tells us whatever is on the inside expresses itself on the outside. The Reflection of Self from Others takes this ancient maxim to the next level because it assists us in quickly sizing up the truth of what we have reacted to through what we have betrayed, suppressed, confused, denied, judged, blamed, felt guilt or shame around, in ourselves, not what we think is going on with others or their situations. Our betrayals live inside us in our subconscious from what we fear/judge, nothing more, and nothing less. Reactions are our clues to where we are internally.


3.True intent always equals outcome no matter the outcome, it holds our true intent. No right or wrong, just the intent that originates from our subconscious. The outcome created from these internal beliefs, either conscious of this or not; create from what was our subconscious intent. One can continually battle the truth of what is the outcome as created from the subconscious intent (beliefs), or empower oneself by being unconditionally responsible for what stands before you as an experience you chose to have. Choose to be unconditionally responsible for what stand before you, and you become conscious of whatever action is required to effectively change what you got, in to what you really, really, really, would prefer. When you stand in the truth of what the outcome is revealing to you, by being unconditionally responsible for the outcome, you begin to open yourself to an awakened, conscious state. If you choose to judge, blame, fell guilt, or shame over the outcome, you are choosing fear over love. Choosing fear you will soon discover that you are attempting to cover up and run from an aspect of yourself that you have not allowed being good enough to be love. It is that simple. We all know we cannot run from ourselves, even if we try. In physics we understand that two masses cannot occupy the space pace at the same time, so is it with energy. If you are using the energy of (FEAR) judgment, blame guilt, or shame in which to create from, losses ensure. If we use love, true love, not our perceptions of love, our experiences create through greater ease, grace, and abundance. Simply remember, what is the outcome was the intent.


4. The distinction between “Being” and “Responsibility”. The conscious prize for connecting "being" you to the "responsibility" for what you think is required of you is greater wisdom and inner strength. To affect the course of your destiny you must decide what you love and do it. Let go of what you think you should do, and do what allows you to be more of who you are. This can be a bridge from where you are today to what you truly want and envision for your life. Your nature as a human is to evolve and not be in a fixed position. To stay fixed is the nature of what you have become and is not being all of who you are.


You have a choice to transform, yet, if you forget to allow yourself through unconditional responsibility, nothing changes. I am not suggesting that you are not responsible for your choices or actions, that is a different subject altogether. What I am talking about is coming to the truth of what you say you want and how you live your life today. Being what you love and the unconditional responsibility of doing what you must to be what you love, creates your heart and soul to sing and leaves the accumulated past of all your anger/fears behind. If you are not living the life of our dreams, it is because you are coming from what you think, instead of what you know through your intuition. If you come from what you think, you will be sadly disappointed by your own self-deception. The moment you know you are being yourself is the instant you are supported by divine intervention, and destiny begins to unfold.


Never compromise yourself today for what you think will be the promise of a happier tomorrow. Remember your true nature. Remember that you are the creator and you are creating all your tomorrows from what you think, feel, and do today. You must be conscious of what you are doing so as not to repeat the upsets of the past. Future upsets can only stop in the now. There is no other way to adjust what occurs in the future than becoming unconditionally conscious of how the upsetting things in your life really begin. That means being in the moment. Observing you and your feelings responsibly empower you to go directly to the root of what is real for you.


To create what you love you must be in the now. You can envision the future yet you must live in the now. You must take account for and take action in the now. Every moment reveals what you internally believe. In truth there is no later on. Realizing that there is no later on enables you to create what you

love by being unconditionally responsible~ now.


5. No Right or Wrong, No Lesser or Greater, Simply, “It Is What It Is.” We get into difficulty when we draw ourselves into scenes that create from our past. When this happens our inner dialogue and beliefs are in conflict and living in unresolved issues held in judgments, blame, guilt, and shame, as we project them into our current situations. The new situations are always inaccurate mental dialogues attempting to change the past “so this time” you come out in your mind as the victor. There are no victors or non-victors, no right or wrong, no lesser or greater. It is what it is. Knowing it is what it is helps you release misperceptions of what you think the situation is for another or even yourself. What you think it is about for another is truly, what it is about for you. No right or wrong, no lesser or greater. It is what it is. Now what are you going to do?


6. Look for the Purpose; Look for the Good. What this key conveys is simple and straight-forward, yet, very, very, very empowering. Looking for the purpose and good in any situation is a fundamental start to receiving the life of your dreams because it creates from a solid core of you being unconditionally responsible. It does not allow for beating up yourself or others for past choices. It most simply and powerfully means to look for the purpose, look for the good, and move on.


7. What Is Honestly Good for Me, Is Honestly Good for You. This key represents a huge turnaround from living under the illusion that your actions are for someone else’s good and not your own. I am not talking about the REAL Mother Teresa’s of the world. Those individuals love what they are doing and how they do it. They never say yes when they want to say no, and vice versa. They realize no is not a bad word. By simply asking yourself the empowering question, “is this honestly good for me, unselfishly,” the illusion of being a “martyr to” or “manipulated by” your situations or individuals goes out the door. You begin to realize that all choices are yours to make, unconditionally. When you realize that when you act from your heart, by honestly doing what is good for you, without more quickly towards embracing unconditional thoughts, words, and actions; i.e. a fulfilling life.


8. Remember What You Have Forgotten Within Yourself and There are NO Lessens to Learn. Thinking will move you away from, instead of towards, situations and opportunities that enable you to empower yourself through a life that inspires you. Your intuition already knows and wants to guide you easily an abundantly through life. If you simply listen from this purity, your life will take on the miracle through which life was meant to be lived. This key is about awakening that inner knowledge/intuition. If you continue to believe that there are life lessons you must learn, you live through the subconscious that is caught in an endless cycle of not knowing or being guided from the intuition; therefore, there is always something to learn. You already own all of the power and the knowledge of an unlimited way to be through your intuition. You have simply forgotten how to use it because you have chosen to exchange this unlimited knowledge with what is conditional. Conditional knowledge requires stressful/painful CONTINUAL LEARNING instead of simply remembering the power of the innocence of the love within you. Through innocence you allow yourself to be guided by the intuition.


9. Be lighthearted in Whatever You Do, because it is in the Love of You. When we were children, having fun was simply an inborn instinct on audio pilot. Over time, what was instinctive became clouded in rules and regulations that formed confusion. Confusion around what was allowed to be part of the romance and fun within the adventure each would embark on within life.

What was allowed and not allowed in certain adult settings, began ruling the conscious thoughts of every young mind that was attempting to form and figure out ‘what was expected.’ The mind began storing impressions. If conditional thoughts, words, and actions shaped, being lighthearted— because it is in the love of you— slowly began fading away. Serious then became a job. A hard, and labor some use of time and energy that buried the intuition in conditional rules and regulations. Play, as play was meant to inspire, began to be a lost art in the overly serious world of any adult that forgot how to purposely mix fun and unconditional responsibility.


 The luminous KEY of Be lighthearted in Whatever You Do, because it is in the Love of You enlivens and expands focus, instinctive structure, accountability and unconditional responsibility. These elements combined restore the intuition in to creating any life situation to be even more fulfilling and prosperous. When you look deeper, you discover an awaking and empowering truth that takes play to a complete new level of consciousness.


 10. Consistently and Repeatedly Applying Each Key to Life Moment–to Moment. These keys are not something to do they are something to be live idiomatically. Each of these keys, used consistently and repeatedly nurtures and supports you in to remembering the true nature of who your truly are. These keys begin a process in you awakening to HOW you are creating your reality, conditionally or unconditional. Within the heart and soul of each is a good person. Yet, when conditional thoughts words or actions, (conscious of this or not) takes hold reality becomes hard work, a struggle, forming lack and ones dreams being held at bay. The awareness that can be gained from these KEYS and the process strengthens Your Intuition. In this strength, the intuition begins to take its proper lead in your life. Each moment is in your hands to create what you want by shifting the influence of the past. ™As these KEYS become a way to be, instead of what you do, life takes on a conscious awareness of how to create your future deliberately through joy, and prosperity within endless miracles that are your birthright.


To read the complete explanation of these keys and HOW the process within The Choice is Mine supports you in being aware, as you remember, restore, strengthen, and perpetually enhance Your Intuition—; thereby, you create a life through ease, grace, and abundance, contact: the CCQH Leadership Club



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