CCQH Leadership Club - Celebrating the Centered Qualities of Humanity...Advancing a Legacy in Leadership for Famous and Private Alike

Here, we bring our desire to make a difference to bear. As we have received plenty, we now give generously.

Profitability is the reward we reap as we cultivate our benefits to society.

Philanthropy becomes synonomous with profitability. Our abilities to contribute as leaders, simply grow exponentially.

In this lifestyle area, anything goes, from volunteerism to world peace and politics.

As planet shifters, we can create masterminds within this community that can begin advancing a legacy in leadership.


Meet our Liaison and Ask an Expert

in Society & Profitability . .

 Linda Karlson




Meet other Members with Primary Leadership Strength

in the Lifestyle Area of Society & Profitability



Archive of Articles

Five Ways to Leave Your Mark on the World

New Politics

My Vision for America

Explaining Leadership: Theories,
Practices, Styles, and Brands

Leadership Behaviors and Motivation

The Impact of Service to Society

Taking Control of Trends and Creating Wealth

Millioniare-Making Vehicles

Be Wise When Selecting Your Wealth-Generating Venture

Being a Successful Entrepreneur in a Global Market

The Corruption of Respect

A Way for Celebrating Cities (in Get Inspired)

A Spark of Light Village (in Get Inspired)

A Spark of Light Poem (in Get Inspired)

God Bless Our Troops (in Get Inspired)

An Extraordinary Day

Ethical Leadership





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