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Bee's Club News:

Welcome back members, and hello to our guests! As we embark into the first quarter of 2007, we are busy organizing our newest programs. Our Tele-Conference series, as well as, our Tele-Networking events have raised lots of popularity. We are firming up our Guest Speakers, Hosts, and Corporate Sponsors for each program. We invite any of you that have not yet declared your interest to speak up and exercise your leadership initiative. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at so that we can reserve your leadership opportunity.


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Featured Leader :

Tim Loomis

How to Move your Dreams or Ideas into Action

Ten Keys for Leadership in Mind

By Tim Loomis

1. Identify your passion and dream. For many of us, we have lost sight of our passion for living and our dreams. We are caught up in what Thoreau called "A life of quiet desperation." So the start of any personal work is to rediscover our passions, our life purpose and our dreams.

2. Identify what is stopping you from living your dream. Once you have rediscovered your dream, the next step is to look at what belief(s) or program(s) are getting in your way of realizing your dreams in your every day life. I have found that the big 3 that are at the root of all our challenges is 1. Fear of Abandonment 2. Lack of Self-Worth 3. Trust. Once you start to identify these you can start to create new habits that support you to Love yourself and then to live your dream.

3. Forgive yourself for not living your dream. Then the next step is letting go of the regret that we have wasted so much of our lives by not living our dream. The fact is our lives have been just the way they are meant to be and have gotten us right to this point right now. Staying in the regret keeps us from realizing our dream.

4. Identify your support team. Look around you for people who are taking life on and start to build a team of people to support you in your discovery process. When we are in our programs I have found that having people supporting me supports me in noticing and acting on creating the beliefs and habits that support living my dream.

5. Start taking small steps. The first part is noticing the habits that aren't working and the habits that are working. To start looking at what you want rather than what you don't want. Remember you are changing habits that we have built over a lifetime so we change them as we notice that we have slipped back. Our judgments are habits that tend to keep us locked into our old habits. Read entire article in the Club Newsletter

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Tim Loomis's Profile

Experiential Life Coach, Tim Loomis, is a world traveler whose passion is people. He grew up in many different cultures around the world and discovered for himself that we all really are the same. Tim says “We might have different stories and different belief systems but underneath we are all looking for love and acceptance and want to know that we can make a difference.”

Tim, who has always been a very spiritual person, got involved with the personal growth environment when he attended EST in San Francisco in 1976. He spent several years going through Werner Erhard’s programs and volunteering his services. This was a very powerful and scary time for him as he came up against his own demons and experienced his connectedness to the rest of the universe.

In 1979 Tim met Arny Mindell, known for his development of "dreambody" and "process work" (process oriented psychology), and for several years attended his summer workshops. These workshops were much more intimate than what he had experienced through EST. He became involved with the Denver Jung Institute upon moving to Denver in 1983. During this time Tim came up against his own personal addiction, became involved with AA and other Twelve Step programs and, was soon coaching small groups and recreational sports teams.

Then in 2001, Tim was introduced to Brian Klemmer. Through Klemmer’s leadership programs, Tim rediscovered his battle with self-worth. It was in this time of rediscovery that im realized his passion for working with people and his true calling as a coach and mentor. As a volunteer and coach with Klemmer & Associates through June 2005, he received some of the best training available from mentors who pushed him to his passion while supporting him in seeing the difference he can make.

So in July 2005 Tim "stepped up to the plate" and stepped out on his own. He decided with his friend and partner, Marnie Johnson, to start a coaching company, ConnectingPointe, Inc. Tim’s goal is to create an environment of loving support that will assist people in rediscovering and acting on their greatness.


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Guess Who:

is the famous leader in the world of philosophy who wrote with a poetic style, yet, examined many of the most profound questions on the power of thought that have been pondered and explored over the ages by humankind. This great thinker and philosopher coined the phrase, "until thought is linked with purpose, there is no intelligent accomplishment."


The Guess Who™ Game focuses on celebrating famous leaders who display leadership qualities related to one of the Lifestyle Areas in Balance, Spirit & Passion, Mind & Purpose, Body & Power, Family & Plan, Work & Productivity, or Society & Profitability.

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Last Newsletter's (V.1/I.2) Guess Who Leader is . . . Pope John Paul II.

Insights To Success:

Second P of Success: Purpose

Tools for Courageous Leadership

First Tool: Imagination

Our imagination is the workshop of our dreams. This is the place that fosters our seeds of creative imagery. With this tool, we can carve a pathway for our passions by creating a vision or imagining the "end in mind."

Great leaders create great visions. Take heed of leaders such as: Jesus of Nazareth, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Martin Luther King, Bill Gates, Monet, J.K. Rowling, Spielberg, Presidents George Washington, LIncoln, and Kennedy, and many more. These leaders created their legacy, using their imagination to harness their unbridled passions into a specific purpose that reflected their unique nature. and calling in life. As heroes, they build their visions making their own dreams come true. These visions first appeared in their imaginative minds, and then eventually in the physical world for all to enjoy.

As children, we seem to utilize this tool of our mind almost daily during our playtime. As adults, we seem to lose touch with this tool, perhaps, because we have associated its use with playtime rather than anytime. Yet, our imagination is the vital tool from which any reality of form is created in life by huamn beings. So how can we re-capture this vital tool? Read entire article in the Club Newsletter.

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Excerpt from Insights to Success, The Six P's of Success. ©2006 by Cheri Lutton. All rights reserved.


Cheri Lutton—Contributed by Cheri Lutton, CEO & Founder, CCQH, Inc. Cheri serves through her work as a Leadership Development Expert, Author, and Media Host/Speaker.

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Steve's Creations:

Cooking with Purpose:

How to Calm your Mind by Baking Bread

Steve's Tip™ : Read in the Club Newsletter.

Believe it or not, making your own bread is fairly easy, and you don't need a bread machine to whip up some deliciously smelling loaves during the cold of winter. Find a recipe online for some Italian bread, and put your hands into it! Read entire article in the Club Newsletter.


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Excerpt from Steve's Creations-from Soil to Skillet®.©2006 by Steve & Cheri Lutton. All rights reserved.


Steve's Creations—Contributed by Steve Lutton, CFO, CCQH, Inc. and Renegade Press, Inc. Steve serves through his work as a Cooking & Gardening Expert and Business Manager


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