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CCQH Leadership Club News

Featured Leader: Kathryn Alexander

"Discover Your Authentic Self "

Guess Who Game!

Insights to Success: Passion. 5th Tool - Polarity __ and the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mirrors of Love with Cheri Lutton Internet Show

Steve's Creations: Gardening. Uplift Your Spirits with a Rose Garden

Did You Know . . . with Ricki McKenna, CCQH's Resident Nutritionist

CCQH Leadership Club Leader of the Year Profile: Joey Grunewald

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Get Inspired: "A Bit About Roses"

Contributed By Joey Grunewald


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"Turning Innovation into Ingenuity & Profits"      

By Pat Adamson

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Guest Host: Kathryn Alexander

Monday, May 12, 2008 from 6:30 - 7:45 pm MST

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Cathy Greiner will be presenting regular Webinar/Teleseminars on Financial LIteracy soon. These Presentations will be FREE and Open to Members & Guests.


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Theme: "Self-Discipline in all Aspects of Your Lifestyle"


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Happy Rose Gardening!!!


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Your enthusiasm, spirit and passion
Will spark creativity within you
building a solid foundation

Being happy in life is a wonder to behold
Recognizing the parts of your life that give you that spark
will unfold

Your attitude toward your philosophy
and inspirations will help others to create
and to be all they can be
Not only directing your own creativity toward your
spirit and passions in life for you to be happy
But for others to follow, explore and direct their own creativity

-Joey Grunewald  

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"Happiness is looking at your smile reflecting mine."

-Cheri Lutton


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CCQH Leadership Club News

We are pleased to announce that . . .

Jesse Wilkinson of Veritek, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of the following key management staff: Coleen Myrha as Chief Operating Officer, Tom Plaven as Chief Engineer, Martin Koenig as Chief Financial Officer, and Margaret Brinkel as bookkeeper and project manager. These appointments are enabling the implementation of a new company operating structure to be able to help more inventors with their dreams.

Patty and David Veal enjoyed meeting with Marie Osmond in Las Vegas along with their son Jeremy. Jeremy was Marie's dancing partner backstage at the Miss USA Contest, and the family delighted in their ability to make Jeremy's dreams come true!

Our Leadership Book series will be developing soon with the opportunity for qualifying CCQH Leadership Club Members to contribute a chapter in one of the book's series. For more details, please contact us.

Kathryn Alexander will be offering a range of ethical leadership programs, online and on-site on a variety of topics, including Meeting Facilitation and Culture Identity. CCQH Leadership Club Members will receive a discount. Register at

The Mirrors of Love with Cheri Lutton internet show debut this past Valentine's Day as a podcast on, bringing the book Mirrors of Love - In Acts of Courage alive. Cheri will rotate the format of the bimonthly Thursday show with one fireside chat and one interview, featuring "lifestyles of leadership" with CCQH Leadership Club Members. Kathryn Alexander is featured as the second interview, highlightig Kathryn's successes with Ethical Impact and, as well as, her remarkable health victories and societal contributions. The show will  soon be available on,, and, as well.

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For our upcoming events . . .

Cathy Greiner will be presenting regular Webinar/Teleseminars on Fi nancial LIteracy, starting on April 7th, 6:30 - 7:30 pm MST. This Presentation is FREE and Open to Members & Guests.

Stay tuned for more details on upcoming Webinars/TeleSeminars. You can also preview upcoming events on our Club Events Calender on our webiste. If you would like to be considered as a Guest Speaker, please contact us here with your request and suggested topic.

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Featured Leader : Kathryn Alexander

Discover Your Authentic Self

By Kathryn Alexander


What is? In class last night, I asked this question. I received three answers I'd like to share. Connection with the Creator; following a path, discovering my authentic self. Put together, it might sound like: Following a path to discover my authentic self in a way that connects me to the creator. I agree with all of this, but I want to add that we are not EVER separate from the creator. That is discovering your authentic self. Discovering the truth of this is spirituality. The ultimate truth is that NO ONE is separate from the creator. Ah, that is the spiritual path! Life - what is life? It is nothing but a place to practice. Practice living the way you want to be. Practice your skill in being spiritual. Practice to bring all aspects of your being into alignment. Practice, practice, practice - and ENJOY the journey!

Here are several statements you can address (Yes or No) to ponder your depth of spiritual expeirences.

  • I've experience being one with the universe
  • I've seen or talked to someone who has died.
  • I've experienced bliss.
  • I've experienced peace.
  • I can detect truth in others.
  • I can see or hear subtle things others can't.
  • I understand how all things are interconnected.

We are all emerging stars! Healing is really a process of emergence. Life seems to be a time when we work hard to prevent ourselves from being who we really are. It's not conscious nor deliberate, we do the best that we know how, but the lesson we take for all those "NO's" and all those "be careful's" is that somehow, we don't measure up. Some how we aren't good enough. Somehow we don't know enough to do it right. So we give up our power, stop listening to ourselves, and try and please those important to us. Want a laugh? Those important people are doing the very same thing!! No wonder things get crazy!

Sickness is a wonderful exercise in discovering who we are and what we want. Sickness can also be an excuse, a justification, a mechanism of control, or a way of making amends.

Everything is a spiritual journey! There's no way to make it wrong! There are faster journeys, slower journeys, interesting journeys and boring journeys, but they all get us there. So don't sweat it - enjoy it - no matter what kind of journey you are on. In fact, it's a secret, if you enjoy it, then and only then can you change it

We are body, mind and spirit. We live in the past, present and future. There is this life and past lives. All impact our state of being. This means that healing happens on many levels and that is key. You can remove symptoms, but you only heal if you eliminate the cause(s) and cause is found on many levels.

Serious diseases require serious work - deep work. Work that addresses all levels of our beingness. Emotional work, psychological work, spiritual work, past life work, relationship work and other work besides. This is a tall order and requires many different tools and techniques to make it happen. I'll be sharing those that have worked for me and I hope you will share those that have worked for you!


Kathryn Alexander

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Kathryn Alexander's Profile

Kathryn AlexanderKathryn Alexander is President of Ethical Impact, Inc., located in Boulder, Colorado, and has been on the cutting edge of organizational change practices since 1988. Kathryn specializes in ethics, leadership development, strategy and strategy implementation, organizational change and transformation. Kathryn, a serial entrepreneur, is dedicated to opening organizations to authenticity and heart in ways that ensure ethics live in vibrantly effective organizations. She has been a spiritual practitioner for over twenty-five years and is a published author. Kathryn is an active member of the CCQH Leadership Club, and has brought much of her expertise and enthusiasm for life to the CCQH membership and organization. Kathryn is also Founder of Kathryn and a coach for individuals interested in a more balanced lifestyle. She has overcome liver cancer through a more natural approach to health than traditionally offered, and will also share those insights in her interview on the Mirrors of Love with Cheri Lutton internet show and podcast. Kathryn's legacy, as she states, "is to engage myself and others in ways that ensure the love of life is expressed through challenging engagement and the vibrancy of life is experienced in all aspects of our work together, our relationship, and our health."

Kathryn enjoys world travelling, as well as, her family and home life in Boulder, Colorado. Kathryn's profile and article are also available at


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Guess Who

Guess Who . . . is the famous leader who has followed his/her heart in the face of intense adversity and rebuke. He/she developed an eternal spiritual strength that drew his/her spouse to their married life. He/she actually became a timeless global leader beyond his/her lifetime. His/her legacy lives on today, and surrounds the world with beautiful symbols of love and beauty through the rose.

The Guess Who™ Game focuses on celebrating famous leaders who display leadership qualities related to one of the Lifestyle Areas in Balance, Spirit & Passion, Mind & Purpose, Body & Power, Family & Plan, Work & Productivity, or Society & Profitability.

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Last Newsletter's (V.5/I.1) Guess Who Leader is . . . Brad Pitt.

Congratulations to Joey Grunewald for Winning a Leadership Gift !!

Thank you to all who participated in the previous Newsletter's Guess Who Game!

Insights To Success

Passion & Fifth Tool

Tools for Courageous Leadership

Law of Polarity

Follow Your Bliss, and Balance will follow you.

Mirrors of Love Rose

Everything just is, and has an equal and opposite or complementary pole.

God created a world of wonderful opposites, the bright life-giving sun, and the cold reflective moon. He created vaporous atmosphere, fluid water, and solid earth, all of which interact in thousands of ways to bring life and diversity to our world. God created male and female, different, yet complementary.

Everything in nature has an opposite, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Imagine a full moon with one side brightened by the sun’s light and the other side darkened without the sun’s light. We see only one side at a time. Yet, could we actually separate the two from the whole? Will not someone, somewhere in the world be gaining a resource from each side at the same time, regardless of our perspective?

If we choose to use this tool in our service, can we not uplift and expand our spiritual nature by always taking a position of courage in our appreciation for the whole? Must we dwell only on one side or another? Can we offer genuine appreciation for humanity and all living creatures, regardless of circumstances, so that others, too, may recognize their value to the whole? Can we use both sides of polarity, hot or cold, darkness or light, fear or trust, in serving humankind, the universe, and ourselves in our truer purpose?

In pondering this tool that, when put to use, can embolden one's spirit to great leadership, I am reminded of my flower and rose gardens. In my perennial gardens, I enjoy the sights and scents of roses and bleeding hearts. Each of these flowers display kernels of wisdom in speaking of the beauty of contrasts. The white, red, yellow, and peach roses vary in contrasting colors and unique fragrances. The bleeding hearts show off with budding red, pink and white bleeding hearts. The shapes of the blossoms actually form a three-dimensional heart that shoots out from the center’s top and dangles in the breeze in proud display. Alongside, we have the blue bells, which almost ring a song of splendor with their brilliant desire for attention. Dainty and yet very hardy, these shade-loving plants multiply and spread delicately right tender loving care. At the end of my reverie, I realize the striking significance of polarity, in unfolding each of our passions. Invest in your heart's desires, and you, too, will be a human rose in bloom.

Until our next pursuit of success, go out, and make your dreams come true!


All My Best,

Cheri Lutton


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Gain more on how to use this tool to increase your profitability in society through Insights to Success. Excerpt from Insights to Success, The Six P's of Success. ©2006 by Cheri Lutton. All rights reserved.


Cheri Lutton

Contributed by Cheri Lutton, CEO & Founder, CCQH, Inc. Cheri serves through her work as a Leadership Development Expert, Author, and Media Host/Speaker.


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Mirrors of Love Logo


Cheri Lutton


 #3: Courage in Spirit,

A Fireside Chat.

#6: Interview,

Kathryn Alexander

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Steve's Creations


Uplifting Your Spirits with a Rose Garden

Red Rose Plant

Steve's Tip™: A beautiful rose garden requires pruning your roses about six inches from the ground during the Spring.

What's in a rose? As Shakespeare write in Romeo and Juliet, "A rose by any other name would still be a rose." Yet, still, the name is lovely and evokes images and sensory cues that symbolize beauty and love. My wife Cheri loves roses, as you know already, through her brand Mirrors of Love. We are fortunate that we have the space (an acre!) to create a variety of lovely gardens, and, we have certainly enjoyed cultivating a rose garden of many colors. There's something about roses that can uplift your spirits, anytime, anyday. In fact, as Ricki states, rose oil is on the top of the list for high frequency vibrational energy release.


Did You Know . . . the benefits of Roses? Ricki McKenna 1r                                                                  

Join the CCQH Leadership Club's resident Nutritionist, Ricki McKenna, as she embellishes Steve's Creations with facts and anecdotes on the wholesome benefits contained within a variety of foods, herbs, and meal ingredients. Club Members can enjoy all her articles at Steve's Creations in the CCQH Leadership Club website member.


(Enjoy Ricki's Did You Know column below Steve's article.)

It is nice to order roses for romantic or affectionate occasions, yet, it is even nicer to enjoy walks in your outdoor rose garden. Plan your colors and location on paper, and be ready for the . . . .If you are a member, sign in to and go to the Newsletter to read entire Club Newsletter.

Enjoy your Creations and Happy Gardening,

Steve Lutton

Steve's Creations - from Soil to Skillet®

Post your questions &/or feedback for this article to our forum here.


Excerpt from Steve's Creations-from Soil to Skillet®.

©2006 by Steve & Cheri Lutton. All rights reserved.


Steve's Creations


Contributed by Steve Lutton, CFO, CCQH, Inc. and Renegade Press, Inc. Steve serves through his work as a Cooking & Gardening Expert and Business Manager.


For more on Steve, To contact Steve, submit here.


Ricki McKenna 1r   Did You Know . . . the benefits of Roses?

  By Ricki McKenna,

  Certified Nutritionist                                                                  


  Salmon Rose

Rose essential oil is one of the most expensive and coveted oils.  It stimulates the liver and stomach functions, and acts as an antidepressant.    Much better to inhale rose fragrance than prozac or any other prescription med…. In the way of vibrational medicine, rose oil is the highest of all essential oils. And now for the fruit:

Rose Hips are rich in natural vitamin C and bioflavonoids, citric acid, flavonoids, fructose, malic acid, sucrose, tannins, zinc, vitamins A, B3, (niacin) C, D, and E - good for all infections and bladder problems.  Rose hip tea is good for diarrhea.  Rose Hips and all that they contain are vital to building and strengthening body tissues and are especially important in the building and maintenance of a healthy blood vascular system and the healing of fragile blood capillaries.

Some researchers have reported that arteriosclerosis is a deficiency of vitamin C.  It is said that vitamin C from Rose Hips has been a preventive medicine in cancer.          (read this entire article by linking on Ricki's profile page below.)                                 

.If you are a member, sign in to and go to the Newsletter to read entire Club Newsletter.

To Your Good Health!

Ricki McKenna, C.N.

aka rmchealthy


 Post your questions &/or feedback for this article to our forum here.


Ricki McKenna, CN   a.k.a. mchealthy, is CCQH's resident Nutritionist and a licensed, Certified Nutritionist in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. She loves to eat real food, counsels with individuals and families, conducts seminars and workshops on health and nutrition.  Her specialty is teaching creative eating for weight loss and maintenance and a healthy body and outlook.  Ricki can be reached by phone at 970-927-4577 or by contacting her here.

CCQH Leadership Club Leader of the Year Profile


Joey GrunewaldThe CCQH® Leadership Club

  Leader of the Year

  Joey Grunewald

Joey has exemplified her leadership by actively participating in all of the Club's activities, engaging others in a spirit of balance, enthusiasm, dedication, and harmony. Her legacy can be found on her leadership profile. Joey is an accomplished poet, author, and creator of gift baskets as the founder of her company, Gifts from my Heart. Her primary leadership strength and liaison role in the Club is in the lifestyle area of Family & Plan. Joey is available for assistance and support to our Club, its members, and to CCQH, Inc. in advancing a legacy in leadership. Please contact Joey here.



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"Celebrating the Centered Qualities of Humanity"

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