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Meet our Financial Planning Expert and Leader,

Kevin Coffey


Kevin Coffey


Leadership Profile


Lifestyle Areas of Leadership Strength

Primary: Family & Plan

Emphasis: Married Life, including dates with my wife Michelle, Spending quality time with our children, Home Improvements, Recycling, Home Living, Budgeting, Longterm Financial Planning, Investments, Loyalty, Commitment, Communication, Listening, Sharing, Mentoring, Entertaining friends and family, Travel & Lesiure, Dude Ranches, Cruises, Laughter, Fun, Friendships, Good Communicator, Mentorship, Role Modeling, Complete Spectrum & CCQH Leadership Club Communities

Second: Spirit & Passion

Emphasis:  Impassioning Others, Spirituality, Christianity, Personal Faith in God, Personal Development, Enthusiasm, Compassion, Loving Spirit, Postive-Outlook on Life, Inspiring Others, Helping People, Uplifting Others, Empathy

Third: Mind & Purpose

Emphasis: Self-Improvement, Leadership Development, Reader, Volunteer Leader, Continuing Education, Experiential Learning, Personal Growth Coaching, Graduate Basic PSI Seminars Leadership Program, Creative Thinking, Open-Mindedness, Confidence, Listening to others

Fourth: Body & Power

Emphasis: Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Walking, Hiking, Stretching Work-Outs, Cardio-Fitness, Golf, Colorado Outdoor Adventures, Relaxation & Laughter, Snowskiing, Boating, Waterskiing

Fifth: Work & Productivity

Emphasis: Financial Planning, Wealth-Building, Asset Protection, Tax Planning, - Complete Spectrum Financial Services, Founded & Managed Complete Spectrum Planning in Las Vegas, Nevada, Small & Medium -Sized Business Management & Operations, Franchise Management, Organizational Skills, Punctuality, Reliability, Sales Management, Customer Relations, Real Estate Investments, Efficiency, Team Supervision, Seventeen years Financial Planning experience, Co-authored following booklets: Annuity Owner Mistakes, Six Best and Worst IRA Rollover Decisions, Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Longterm Care, IRA Distribution Mistakes, Six Strategies to Help Retirees Reduce Taxes and Preserve their Assets


Sixth: Society & Profitability

Emphasis: Volunteerism, Youth Coaching, Philanthropy, Charitable Donations to OCD Foundation, East Boulder Relay Team Cancer Society, YMCA - Strong Kids Program, Fund-Raising Program for High Schools, Churches, and NonProfit Organizations on Financial Literacy and Money Management


Profile & Contact Information

Professional Area/Industry: Management, Sales, & Consulting/Finance

Title: Founder & President

Company: Complete Spectrum Financial Services, Inc.

Education: Colorado State University, BA in usiness Administration/Marketing

Affiliations: Complete Spectrum Sales Team, CCQH Leadership Club,



Phone: (303) 922-4309  Fax: (303) 975-4936

Family: Native Coloradoan, Lombardee Family, Happily Married to Michelle for 12 years, Children - Lanae 7 yrs, Kyle 10 yrs, Extended Family, CCQH Communities, & Colorado Friends

Residence: Arvada, Colorado


What's My Legacy

My Legacy is to be a leader who helps people become the best they can be, maximizing their talents and building upon their strengths.



Narrative Biography

Kevin Coffey graduated from Colorado State University and is a native of Colorado. Mr. Coffey has been assisting seniors for seventeen years by helping them protect their assets, reduce their taxes, and retire wisely. He helps his clients reduce their taxes by as much as 50% with his financial service strategies. He can also help clients save money on their taxes through his tax preparation company, Complete Spectrum Tax Services, LLC. This company has Certified Public Accountants and experienced tax accountants to prepare your tax filings.  Mr. Coffey markets a wide variety of financial service and mortgage products from many different companies, and can shop the entire industry to find the best product to meet  the needs of his clients, saving them both time and money. 

Kevin has recruited and trained over 1,000 people to the financial services industry. His training classes have been widely attended by thousands of clients and representatives in the Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada areas. He is an expert in helping retirees preserve their assets, reduce their taxes, and increase their income.


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