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Dr. Richard Keuhn


Leadership Profile

Lifestyle Areas of Leadership Strength


Primary: Body & Power

Emphasis: Health & Wellness, Chiropractic, Expertise in areas associated with Spinal Decompression, Auto Injury, Lower Back Pain, Headaches, Disc Problems, Cleansing and Nutrition; Nutritional Food Products, Sports, Fitness, Snow Skiing - Downhill and Cross-Country, Hiking, Backpacking, Golf, Adventure, Outdoors, International Travelling, Live Music & Blues Enthusiast, Featured Leader - Mirrors of Love with Cheri Lutton Show

Secondary: Work & Productivity

Clinic Director - LifeSource Health Partners, Doctor of Chiropractic Health, Natural Health & Wellness Consultant, Entrepreneur, Commercial Property Owner, Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Networking, Organizational Skills, Small Business Management, Isagenix Independent Distributor, Mentorship with Sustainable Business Group

Tertiary: Mind & Purpose

Emphasis: Creative Thinking, Mirrors of Love - In Acts of Courage, Leadership Development, Self-Improvement, Philosophy, Education, Self-Confidence, Personal Development, Millionaire Mind Intensive with T. Harv Ecker, Business Mentorship with Keith Cunningham, Master Wealth Real Estate Investment Conference, Graduate Attendee - 2005 Mirrors of Love Leadership Event

Fourth: Society & Profitability

Emphasis: Volunteerism, Host/Producer - Health & Wellness Fundraising Community Luncheons, Member - West Colorado Chamber, Colorado Chiropractic Association (CCA); Past Chairman - Legislative Committee - CCA, Award for Chiropractor of the Year 2002-3, Community Service Award 2004-5, Charter Member CCQH Leadership Club

Fifth: Spirit & Passion

Emphasis: Faith in God, Christianity, Metaphysics, Local Church Involvement, Spirituality, Enthusiasm, Impassioning others, Nature Reflecting Time, Desire to feel Invincible, Inspired, At-Ease, Solitude

Sixth: Family & Plan

Emphasis: Single, Dating, "Looking for the Right Woman," Extended Family, Friends, CCQH Leadership Club Communities, Travel, Camping, Backpacking, Handyman, Home Ownership, Home Improvements, Gardening, Real Estate Investments


Profile & Contact Information

Professional Area/Industry: Health & Wellness/Nutritional Supplements

Chiropractic Health

Title: Doctor of Chiropractic Health Practice

Company: LifeSource Health Partners

Education: Bachelor of Science - Human Biology; Doctor of Chiropractic

Affiliations: CCQH Leadership Club, West Colorado Chamber of Commerce,



Phone: 303-934-3600


What's My Legacy

My Legacy is to live courageously, love unconditionally, and embrace my divine potential by serving humanity, transforming cultural beliefs, and encouraging everyone to realize their highest potential by celebrating life’s splendor, possibilities and reverence!



Dr. Richard Keuhn graduated cum laude from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1984.  He has been if private practice for 25 years.  Dr. Keuhn was honored by the Colorado Chiropractic Association with the Chiropractor of the Year award in 2003 and the Community Service award in 2004.  He has served as chairman for the legislative committee of the Colorado Chiropractic Association from 2002-07. and continues to be involved with national, state and local politics. 

Dr. Keuhn has completed over 600 hours of continuing education specializing in traumatic injuries to the cervical spine, sports injuries, spinal rehabilitation and x-ray.  He specializes in working one-on-one with his patients to help them achieve their health goals.  He is currently owner of LifeSource Health Partners, "Wellness Elevated Living Transformed," a multidisciplinary clinic offering chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and spinal rehabilitation.  Dr. Keuhn exemplifies the true meaning of doctor by teaching his patients about their individual conditions and helping them make an educated choice about their health.  He is available for private health consultations or speaking engagements on a variety of informative and interesting topics.


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Articles by Dr. Richard Keuhn

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