CCQH Leadership Club - Celebrating the Centered Qualities of Humanity...Advancing a Legacy in Leadership for Famous and Private Alike


Meet our Founder and Leader,

Cheri Lutton

Cheri Lutton


Leadership Profile

Lifestyle Areas of Leadership Strength


Primary: Spirit & Passion

Emphasis: Love for Holy Trinity, Strong Catholic Faith, Spirituality, Lector/Eucharistic Minister/Parishoner - Sacred Heart of Jesus, Boulder, Colorado; Lyricist - Mirrors of Love & Watch out World, Strong Faith, Prayerwork, Bible Studies with daughter Crystal, Impassioning Others, Inspirational Writer, Inspirational Performer & Speaker - Mirrors of Love® Leadership Conference & Gala Event 2004, Conference 2005, Honored Leader - Mirrors of Love® Leadership Gala Event, 2004

Secondary: Mind & Purpose

Emphasis: Multimedia Visionary, Author - Mirrors of Love - In Acts of Courage/CCQH Quotes-that-Inspire/Mirrors of Love Inspirations/Insights to Success/Six P's of Success; Lyricist, Avid Reader, Philosophy, Leadership Development, Self-Improvement, Regular Speaker - Mirrors of Love® Leadership Events 2004, 2005

Third: Body & Power

Emphasis: Running, Walking, Cycling, Nautilus, Health & Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition, Wholesome Homegrown Foods (that my husband creates with Steve's Creations - from Soil to Skillet, Nature Hikes

Fourth: Family & Plan

Emphasis: Married Life, Motherhood, Home Improvements, Interior Design, Neighborhood Watch & Friendship, Financial Planning, Global Travel, Cooking, Entertaining, Gardening, Dating My Husband, Family Life with daughter Crystal & son Steven, Supporting their Passions and Sporting Endeavors, Community & Congregational Leadership, CCQH Leadership Club Community

Fifth:  Work & Productivity

Emphasis: Founder - CCQH, Inc./CCQH Leadership Club/Leadership Store/Mirrors of Love, Created & Federally Trademarked Sixteen Brands, Former Co-Owner/VP Marketing - Confi-Dental Products Co., International Business Development & Marketing, Event Coordination, Entrepreneur, Educator, Team Builder, Promoter, Producer, Speaker, Media Host

Sixth: Society & Profitability

Emphasis: FundRaiser & Performer - CCQH/Mirrors of Love Conference & Gala Events 2004, 2005, Philanthropy - Mercy Corps, ARC, PSI World,  Volunteerism - Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish



Profile & Contact Information

Profession/Industry: Leadership Development/Author/Media Host

Entrepreneurialism, Business, Multimedia, Literary, Education, Entertainment

Title: CEO & Founder

Company: CCQH, Inc.

Education: MBA, Marketing, University of Phoenix, Boulder, Colorado

BS, Nursing, California State University Fresno;

AA, Theater, Harper Jr. College; Theater Scholarship, Loyola University, IL

Certifications: Boulder Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership Internship Graduate, 3% Club Leadership Graduate, PSI Seminars Leadership Program & Principia Graduate, Marquis Who's Who Directory

Affiliations: American Marketing Assocation, Promotion Marketing Association, SHJ Parish, Warriors Football Club - Centaurus High

Website: www.,


Phone: 303-828-9261

Family: Happily Married to Steve Lutton, Adult Daughter Crystal and Teen Son Steven, Extended Family, CCQH/PSI/CEO Space/SHJ/Neighborhood Communities, Friends

Residence: Lafayette, Colorado

What's My Legacy

My Legacy is to be a loving, impassioned, and balanced leader who is serving God, my family, and humanity. I dedicate my work to advancing a legacy in leadership by celebrating the centered qualities of humanity for famous and private individuals alike. I desire to live each day by the Mirrors of Love vision of reflecting the best within each of us by honoring a human rose in bloom.




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Mirrors of Love with Cheri Lutton Show

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Articles by Cheri Lutton


It All Begins Here

Balancing Your Lifestyles of Leadership

Balance: Self-Empower through Passion, Purpose, and Power

Balance: Contribute through Plan, Productivity, and Profitability

Reflections on Balance

Balance: The Beauty of the Season

Balance: Follow Your Bliss

Passion: The First Tool: Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Passion: The Second Tool. Law of Cause and Effect

Passion: The Third Tool. Law of Vibration

Passion: The Fourth Tool. Law of Relativity

Passion: The Fifth Tool. Law of Polarity

Purpose: The First Tool. Imagination

Purpose: The Second Tool. Memory

Purpose: The Third Tool. Reason

Purpose: The Fourth Tool. Perception

Purpose: The Fifth Tool. Will

Power: The First Tool. Intention

Power: The Second Tool. Become 100% Committed

Power: The Third Tool. Enthusiasm

Power: The Fourth Tool. Go for it Now

Power: The Fifth Tool. Increase

Plan: The First Tool. Honesty

Plan: The Second Tool. Vulnerability with Discernment

Plan: The Third Tool. Intimacy

Plan: The Fourth Tool. Freedom with Responsibility

Productivity: The First Tool. Mastery of Your Thoughts & Actions

Productivity: The Second Tool. Be the Captain of Your Destiny

Productivity: The Third Tool. To Possess Passion & Purpose

Productivity: The Fourth Tool. Uniqueness

Profitability: The First Tool. Happiness

Profitability: The Second Tool. Confidence

Profitability: The Third Tool. Gratitude

Profitability: The Fourth Tool. Empathy

Profitability: The Fourth Tool. Empathy














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