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"Choosing a Mental Health Therapist"

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Insights to Success: Purpose. 3rd Tool - Reason

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CCQH Leadership Club News

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Richard Grunewald, Joyce Turner, Don Strankowski, Sam Bissell, and me, Cheri Lutton, are all celebrating their birthdays during the month of August. More details on the specific dates can be viewed on the Events Calendar at Happy Birthday, and may all your dreams come true!

David Veal is launching an exciting new product through one of his companies, American Throttle, that will delight motorcycle enthusiasts, travellers, investors, and entrepreneurs in general. Please contact david at or 303-756-2527 for more information on this project and/or stay tuned for more details as they develop.

Debborah Ramsey has re-entered the education profession as a high school faculty administrator in West Palm Beach, Florida. Congratulations, Debborah! She will continue to grow her vocal career, as well, performing with her band, and developing more music cd's in the recording studio. Visit debborah at

Kathryn Alexander will be our Guest Speaker on August 20th for our next TeleSeminar, featuring the LIfestyle Area of Work & Productivity. Her topic will highight Ethics in Business Leadership. Please register for this teleseminar here. Kathryn is also introducing a new half-day workshop, starting on August 31st, "How to Go from Concept to Reality in Four Hours or Less." This workshop is for those who make decisions in teams, plan projects, lead teams that impact other parts of the organization and leaders who want to have their employees engaged and committed. CCQH, Inc. will be one of the sponsors for this workshop. More information and registration is currently available at

Gale Connell will also be our Guest Speaker on August 20th, featuring Ethical Leadership as an Entrepreneur - How to Lead the Way!" Gale is President of CEO Space, Colorado, and an expert in every aspect of launching a new business. Please register for this teleseminar here.

Charles Mui will be our Guest Moderator on August 20th, and is one of the leading experts on internet sales and marketing in the region. Charles has been successful in many business enterprises. Join us in welcoming Charles, and register here for this telseminar.

Pat Adamson's company, Adamson Consulting, will be our Corporate Sponsor for the upcoming August 20th Teleseminar. We will hear from Pat during the Teleseminar to learn more about his consulting services. Pat is a seasoned entrepreneur who holds over a dozen patents, and has launched many successful companies. More about Pat Adamson is available at

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Featured Leader : Norman Lowery

Choosing a Mental Health Therapist

By Norman Lowery

In my own search I went through a number of psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers over many years with little progress.  Then, I found a social worker whose  skills and therapeutic techniques transformed my life.  Finding the professional that offered this rich opportunity for change was just plain luck.  In fact,  when we are seeking direction and healing we are usually in the worst possible state to make a wise selection.  The issues that propel us to seek help (depression, anxiety, failed relationships, etc.) are so overwhelming that little energy and clarity are available for the challenging task of choosing a therapist.

Recently three friends asked me for assistance in selecting a mental health professional.  After some consideration I suggested character qualities that are important and drafted a list of questions to ask potential therapists.  Later they told me the evaluation criteria guided them to very capable professionals, and encouraged  me to write this article.

              Here is an action list to assist you in selecting a therapist:

1. Ask people close to you about their therapy experience.  Would they recommend their mental health professional?

2. Attend public offerings where therapists present their approaches and skills.  Ask questions about their success with your symptom(s).

3. Read professional journals, such as Psychotherapy Networker, where therapists report their work and therapeutic processes.  Most libraries have professional journals.  Look for success with your issue(s) and contact the author for advice about finding a therapist in your geographic location.

4. Key your symptoms to the internet and run a search.  Look for therapists and modalities with a proven track record with your issues.

5. Ask a therapist your respect for recommendations.

6. Review books and articles focused on your mental health issues.  When the author reports positive results contact him for advice to find help in your area.

7. Become knowledgeable about therapist’s credentials.  Disciplines vary in their requirements for clinical training and supervision.  Many professionals are licensed after completion of academic degrees, supervision in clinical sites, passing professional testing and committing to ethical practices.  Others practicing as psychotherapists/counselors may have limited training and experience.

8. Ask for a free introductory session to interview the therapist.  Many therapists are skilled at keeping the focus of discussion on the client’s issues.  This is very appropriate in therapy but the goal in the interview is to discover more about the therapist.  At the onset, I suggest the client state “While I realize it will be necessary for me to tell you about the general nature of my concerns I would like to use most of our time today asking questions to learn about your skills and training.”  Competent therapists will welcome this interview.


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Norman Lowery 's Profile

Norman LoweryNorman D. Lowery is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) has earned a Master's degree of Social Work (MSW). Norman is a psychotherapist, practicing in Boulder, Colorado.  Norm is a member of the Fellow American Society of Bonding Psychotherapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy Center of Washington, DC, EMDR, and the Center for Study of Human Systems or Family Therapy. Norm specializes in Men’s issues, Bonding Psychotherapy groups for adults, and enjoys helping children and adolescents.  Norm can be contacted for a consultation appointment at 303-665-9468. More information on Norm can also be seen on his Leadership Profile at


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Guess Who

Guess Who . . . is the famous leader who has exemplified mental leadership and a focused lifestyle of purpose, beginning his/her career as a journalist. He/she has made a global name for him/herself through his/her foundational work, and by authoring books that have inspired many leaders in all walks of life to exercise their mental talents in pursuit of happiness, success, and prosperity. His/her book sales have continued to grow each year, leaving a flourishing legacy in leadership beyond his/her lifetime. He/she began his/her career upon an inspiration from  his stepmother when he/she was a young boy/girl. She encouraged him/her to give up an aimless and reckless lifestyle for a purposeful career in journalism.

The Guess Who™ Game focuses on celebrating famous leaders who display leadership

qualities related to one of the Lifestyle Areas in Balance, Spirit & Passion, Mind & Purpose, Body & Power, Family & Plan, Work & Productivity, or Society & Profitability.

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Last Newsletter's (V.3/I.1) Guess Who Leader is . . . .Pat Williams.

Insights To Succes

The Second P of Success: Purpose

Third Tool - Reason

Tools for Courageous Leadership

Reason draws forth the best reflection of your current state of being.

If you are an honest and openminded person,

your reasoning abilities will bear honest and openminded results for you.

Reason is the tool that can most assist you in assessing your maturity as a leader. A calm and fair approach to your ability to reason during your daily activities will produce like results. People are drawn to leaders who possess the ability to reason wisely. That is to say that the best interest is being served in the act of reasoning, which looks to serve others as equally as oneself. The golden rule can become a strong guidepost in instilling wise reasoning to those you lead, as well as, for yourself. Whether you are developing your mind and a lifestyle of purpose that requires your leadership for politics or your family, you will benefit from the same approach.

As defined by Webster, reason is the ability to decide things, to obtain ideas, to think clearly, and to make logical and rational choices and decisions. When we put the other two tools that we have discussed—imagination and memory—along with the other three tools of mental leadership that we will be discussing in future articles—perception, will, and intuition—we embolden ourselves to a wiser and more effective leadership.

Reason is the lawyer's love and first line of defense. Our ability to reason could probably cause world peace in a heartbeat, if we simply used it every day. A little imagery can allow us to see the lighter side of reason when it is not used so well. Do you think that reason is being used when Joe Anxious beeps his horn at John Early whose car is in fornt of his while in a traffic jam that has nothing to do with either of them? Will the sound of Joe's horn suddenly cause the universe to wake up and instantly erase the cause of the jam and allow, at least, Joe to swiftly drive away to his destination? Alternatively, will it simply cause more insensitivity and tension? When we reason with circumstances, we reclaim . . . If you are a member, sign in to here to go to Newsletters, and read the entire article in the Club Newsletter

May you take the time to reflect on the magnificence of your life, and until we meet again, I wish you good vibrations to go out and make your dreams come true!

All My Best,

Cheri Lutton


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Cheri Lutton

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Steve's Creations:

Cooking & Purpose..

Canning Your Homegrown Tomatoes

Steve's Tip™: Putting up lots of garden sweet tomatoes will assure you a long winter season filled with recipe recipe goodies.

Just think of how many recipes there are that call for canned tomatoes. Now, just think of how much those recipes will turn out when you use your own garden delicious maters. This is the time of year when the delicious red fruit is ripening daily. Hopefully, you've grown enough to can a few nice-sized batches. Otherwise, get thee to a Farmer's Market, and scoop up some homegrown goodness. Let's get busy and can some tomatoes.

Process for Hot Water Bath Canning


Join us for the next newsletter when I will describe the process of canning your tomatoes. Until later, happy cooking, and enjoy envisioning your first crop of canned tomatoes!

Bon Appetit,

Steve Lutton

Steve's Creations  - from Soil to Skillet


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Steve's Creations


—'Contributed by Steve Lutton, CFO, CCQH, Inc. and Renegade Press, Inc. Steve serves through his work as a Cooking & Gardening Expert and Business Manager.

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